Gym Maniac GM Weightlifting Wrist Wraps - Dark Gray Camo

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  • 💪 POWER UP; These lifting straps from Gym Maniac have been crafted to help your workout go further; Our wrist straps for weightlifting take pressure off your joints to redirect energy to targeted muscle groups; Watch your gains grow faster and hit new personal bests with Gym Maniac’s gym accessories for men and women
  • 💪 NEUTRAL POSITION; The secret behind the power of our weightlifting wrist wraps is the special thumb loop that helps reduce tension and secures your wrist in a natural position; This means that Gym Maniac’s lifting straps for weightlifting allow for an increased range of movement, while giving you more power and strength to focus on the muscles that matter
  • 💪 ACHIEVE SAFE FORM; Professional weightlifters love how our wrist braces for working out can help reduce their risk of injury by adding extra support; With an 18” long velcro cuff measuring 3” wide, our workout straps keep your wrist in the correct position; Better still, our gym wrist straps for men and women are 4mm thick, with plenty of cushion for extra comfort
  • 💪 QUALITY; Gym Maniac’s wrist supports for weightlifting have undergone stringent quality inspection and hours of development with respected professional weightlifters; These lifting wrist straps are crafted to the highest standards; The Gym Maniac promise is this; if we wouldn’t use these weightlifting wrist wraps ourselves, we won’t sell them
  • 💪 MACHINE WASH; It’s time to say goodbye to delicate gym equipment for weightlifting that’s difficult to clean; Our wrist wraps are completely machine washable with reinforced stitching that won’t fall apart; Toss your wrist straps in with a regular load to quickly remove odors from sweat and workouts; Our lifting wrist wraps will hold up under any conditions

Go Harder

The secret behind our wrist straps for weightlifting is the clever thumb loops that secure your joints in a natural position and help relieve tension from your wrist. This means that with Gym Maniac’s wrist wraps, you’re able to achieve a better form and direct energy toward targeted muscle groups instead of wasting your effort with misdirected force. Watch your gains grow and take your workout further with these advanced weightlifting wrist wraps from Gym Maniac.

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Reason one

We have collaborated with seasoned veterans weight lifters and personal trainers in order to design and manufacture a bodybuilding accessories that will minimize discomfort and maximize support.

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Our customer satisfaction is our main priority and we pride ourselves on using only the best quality materials to make our products.



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