Gym Maniac GM Lifting Straps with Non-Slip Flex Gel - Gray

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    • 💪 EXTRA GRIP; It’s time to upgrade to wrist straps for weightlifting that are as serious about training as you are; Measuring 23” long, these weightlifting straps from Gym Maniac have double sided grip for superior traction; Our weightlifting wrist wraps feature high grip silica gel on one side and double rows of rubber traction on the other
    • 💪 VERSATILE; More than just lifting wrist wraps, these gym accessories for men and women can help you get better form with a range of workouts; Ideal as deadlift straps as well as pull up straps, Gym Maniac’s hand straps for weightlifting also wrap easily around kettlebells, barbells and even gym machines so you can work out safer and more intensely
    • 💪 COMFORTABLE; Gym Maniac’s wrist wraps for weightlifting men and women love for the extra comfort; Our lifting straps have a thick neoprene cuff that cushions the impact of jolts and sudden movement; Be kinder to your body and upgrade to weightlifting grips that are more comfortable to wear
    • 💪 EASY CLEAN; No one likes smelly gym equipment for weightlifting which is why our gym straps for men and women are easily cleaned; Just toss your lifting wrist straps in the washing machine on a cold cycle for hassle free cleaning; Say goodbye to workout straps that are difficult to clean

    Achieve Correct Form

    Gym Maniac’s straps for weightlifting can help you get the right form you need when exercising. With a strong double sided grip that allows you greater control, our weightlifting wrist wraps ensure that you are positioned correctly when working out. Go harder and get the most out of your time in the gym with these advanced weightlifting straps from Gym Maniac.

    Why choose us?

    Reason one

    We have collaborated with seasoned veterans weight lifters and personal trainers in order to design and manufacture a bodybuilding accessories that will minimize discomfort and maximize support.

    Reason two

    Our customer satisfaction is our main priority and we pride ourselves on using only the best quality materials to make our products.



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