Gym Maniac GM Lifting Straps with Metal Wedge - Black

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  • 💪 PROTECTION; These professional lifting straps from Gym Maniac have been crafted to help give better protection when working out; With a padded neoprene cuff to assist in preventing injury, our wrist wraps for weightlifting men and women love for the way they take your workout further; If you’re serious about fitness, these gym accessories for men and women are the smarter choice
  • 💪 REINFORCED; Gym Maniac wrist straps for weightlifting are incredibly tough with double reinforced stitching that won’t fray; Our weightlifting wrist wraps are engineered to take the most demanding training sessions even further; When you need lifting wrist wraps that win’t ever quit, choose Gym Maniac
  • 💪 ENHANCED GRIP; We know that not everyone loves the extra long fabric that comes with standard gym straps, which is why our weightlifting grips have a shorter tab that won’t get in the way of your workout; What’s more, these weightlifting straps for men and women feature a small metal rod stitched into the end of the tab for a better, more safer grip
  • 💪 CORRECT FORM; People who are serious about training use Gym Maniac’s workout straps to help achieve correct form when exercising; By maintaining correct grip and posture thanks to our wrist supports for weightlifting, you can waste less energy with incorrect form and focus your efforts to get greater gains
  • 💪 MACHINE WASH; Say goodbye to gym equipment for weightlifting that’s impossible to clean and smells like a dirty gym bag; Our wrist wraps for weightlifting are super easy to clean; Just toss your gym wrist straps for men and women in the washing machine to effortlessly remove seat, grime and buildup

Shorter Straps for Enhanced Lift

If you find that the annoying longer tabs of regular lifting straps are an inconvenience that gets in the way, then Gym Maniac’s shorter tab wrist straps are for you. These adjustable straps for weightlifting have a shorter tab that runs from the wrist to the base of the fingers and fit snugly in your hand to help improve your workout. Say goodbye to excess fabric and get the perfect fit with Gym Maniac’s advanced wrist straps for weightlifting.

Why choose us?

Reason one

We have collaborated with seasoned veterans weight lifters and personal trainers in order to design and manufacture a bodybuilding accessories that will minimize discomfort and maximize support.

Reason two

Our customer satisfaction is our main priority and we pride ourselves on using only the best quality materials to make our products.



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