Gym Maniac GM Adhesive Weightlifting Tape
Gym Maniac GM Adhesive Weightlifting Tape
Gym Maniac GM Adhesive Weightlifting Tape
Gym Maniac GM Adhesive Weightlifting Tape

Gym Maniac GM Adhesive Weightlifting Tape

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  • 💪 PROTECT YOUR FINGERS - Wrap your thumbs and fingers to avoid skin tears, cuts, and blisters. At 1.5" wide, just two wraps around your fingers provides you with the coverage you need.
  • 💪 STAY MOBILE - Even when fully covered with athletic tape, you'll retain good flexibility for your hands, allowing you to maintain a comfortable and normal grip on the barbell.
  • 💪 NO-FRILLS APPLICATION - Stick the end of the sports tape on the tip of your thumb and wrap it around until the finger is covered. Then, simply tear it off. No scissors needed!
  • 💪 STAYS PUT UNTIL YOU'RE DONE TRAINING - Our lifting tape has excellent adhesion. It will remain securely wrapped around your thumbs or wrists through all the friction, heat, and sweat.
  • 💪 FOR ALL EXERCISES & DISCIPLINES - Our workout tape is a reliable companion through any exercise that requires finger and wrist protection like Olympic lifting, snatches, or ring work.

    You're certainly not alone. This is actually one of the reasons why many lifters and athletes avoid using thumb tapes. Many complain about the tape not being comfortable as it folds and curls once they wrap their thumbs and fingers around the bar. Some tapes aren't sticky enough and start to come undone after a few lifts, but still leave icky residues on their fingers once removed. So, does that mean you should give up on wearing thumb tapes? Not at all!

    This Adhesive Weightlifting Tape by Gym Maniac GM offers complete protection

    without affecting your thumb's flexibility!

  • Why choose us?

    Reason one

    We have collaborated with seasoned veterans weight lifters and personal trainers in order to design and manufacture a bodybuilding accessories that will minimize discomfort and maximize support.

    Reason two

    Our customer satisfaction is our main priority and we pride ourselves on using only the best quality materials to make our products.



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